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Reviews > Queen Concert Reviews > XX-XX-1977 - Circus - Madison Square Garden

Queen's Live Act Stuns City
by Jon Tiven

After quietly seducing the Big Apple with performances at the Uris Theatre, Lincoln Center, and the Beacon Theatre the masters of British Rock, Queen, finally made their move to the gigantic Madision Square Garden which they sold out in a matter of moments. "We all had a bad case of the nerves," said drummer/vocalist Roger Taylor, "but I don't think it particularly hampered our playing too much." The crowd was more than mere responsive - a more dedicated following hasn't been seen in Gotham since the days when groups of this calibre were playing venues such as the Fillmore East. "You're what we call a sophisticated rock audience," Freddie Mercury told the masses who had come to greet Queen, and the show itself was far more free and creative than Queen shows of recent days. Each member of the group had just enough room to stretch out, but at no point was the soloing any kind of an imposition upon the audience.

"I hope you didn't hear all my mistakes," Brian May humbly commented after the exquisite performance, during which he delivered a rousing Echoplex guitar duet with himself. Mr. May continued to apologize for the lack of proper timings on the echo repeat, but any mistakes there might have been in Queen's show were simply not apparent to the audience, overshadowed by Queen's breadth of styles, command of the musical languages, incredible repertoire, and instrumental/vocal virtuosity. It seemed that with each song they were trying to surpass themselves. Freddie left the stage with the words, "It's been a pleasure doing business with you."

A party followed the concert at the prestigious Oh-Ho-So restaurant, with luminaries like Bernie Taupin, Thin Lizzy, Television, Prix, and the hysterical John Belushi making appearances.