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Reviews > Queen Music Reviews > 03-08-1991 - Innuendo - St. Petersburg Times

Combining driving hard rock with elaborate vocal arrangements and intricate song structures was Queen's trademark in the '70s. The group was labeled pretentious and pompous but sold millions of records until the '80s when Queen's creativity seemed to dry up.

With Innuendo, the band's 12th studio album, Queen attempts to reacquaint itself with record buyers. Most of the songs have a '90s feel while maintaining that distinctive sound. I Can't Live With You, with its blaring four-part harmonies, could be an out-take from the classic album Jazz, but it still sounds fresh.

Singer Freddie Mercury has toned down the annoying vocal gymnastics. Brian May's flamboyant guitar sound is now meshed with keyboard arrangements (synthesizers once were taboo with Queen) and gives the songs more depth.

4 / 5