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Reviews > Queen Music Reviews > 01-05-1974 - Queen - Winnipeg Free Press

Queen — Queen is England's latest candidate for superstardom, and don't be surprised if these guys do make it in a big way. Sure, the material is so derivitive it hurts (listen to guitarist Brian May cop riffs from Jimmy Page, Black Sabbath's Tony lomi, Jimi Hendrix and Mick Box and you'll see what I mean), but the group manages to inject such a fresh, energetic touch to most of it that I don't mind a bit. Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll is a direct cop from Led Zeppelin's Communication Break-down, right down to vocalist Freddie Mercury's ability to ape Robert Plant. With its first album, Queen has produced a driving, high energy set which in time may be looked upon with the same reverence Led Zep 1 now receives.